House of Blond Hollywood Moment

House of Blond Hollywood Moment

We have made some refreshing changes to the salon this year and we wanted to share with you some of the new services and also staff that have joined our team! We are always looking for talented stylists and artists to join us!

A new fall hairstyle

A new fall hairstyle

Looking for a new fall hairstyle? It's time to fall in love with your hair! Get it, ha…? Look no further!

We had the Lovely Mich into the salon to do a fun tutorial for fashion hair and for workout hair! Check out what she had to say!

Located in the heart of Gastown, The House of Blond is a definite go-to for your hair, with owner Sarah Braim as a hair goddess! My hair is like my security blanket, I cannot stress how choosey I am when it comes to who styles and cuts my hair….luckily I found the perfect person! I feel safe to say, I fully trust her when it comes to cutting and styling! I basically leave her studio with hair from the Victoria Secrete runway; all blown out, perfect amount of waves and perfect loose curls.

The studio: walk into a beautiful salon, with exposed brick, great music playing, huge windows with ocean / mountain views; straight away you are at ease and feel right at home. The experience at House of Blond is one of a kind. There is an essence of exclusivity that can only be fully experienced once you’re sitting in the chair, while Sarah is working her magic with your hair!

It is undeniable how much passion Sarah has for her salon, co-workers, clients and job. Oh..  did I mention she has a photo room set up, to take photos of your hair style when completed?!

My theory is to surround myself with passionate, driven, knowledgeable women who are unleashing their #girlboss side, hence this beautiful collaboration.

Quick Q&A with Owner Sarah Braim

Q: What are your favorite products to use, on yourself/ clients :
SB: I am a long time lover of Kevin Murphy styling products for my clients and for me personally.  I find ethically it’s a easy decision to support his line. Sulphate free parabon free bio-compatible packaging and of course non animal testing.  We have great results for styling and long term care with the ingredients. Clients constantly tell me the notice a difference in the how their hair moves and feeling with this line so we love it!

Q: How long you have been styling hair
SB: 17 years this November!

Q:In one sentence why you love what you do
SB: It’s a science with a lot of creative skill . I connect with both sides!

Full post check out Mich’s Blog!

Photography by: Isabella Sarmiento , @thisisitstudios

By Chelsea

By Chelsea

Always a pleasure to have the lovely Chelsea in the salon to get her ready for her next event to just teaching her some fun new tricks with her hair! Lets take a look and she what she had to say!

Who doesn’t love to be pampered every now and again… I know I do! Yesterday I got to spend my morning with the girls at The House of Blond   getting my hair washed, blow dried and set in curls. I had the most relaxing experience at the salon sitting and relaxing with a hot cup of tea, having my hair done and looking out at the amazing ocean view.

I loved the Kevin Murphy products that she used through out the whole process. They made my hair feel softer, lighter and I walked away smelling like lavender, orange peel and a summer vacation all in one. Another really cool trick I learned was using the Kevin Murphy hair rollers to set the curls. This extra step allowed the curls to cool off and last far longer than usual.

I had such an amazing experience at The House of Blond, and want to thank Vanessa and Sarah for making me feel so glam and ready to take on the world! If you live in Vancouver or even just passing through, I would highly recommend going to visit the girls, they will make you feel new again!

5 Styling Tips With The House of Blond

5 Styling Tips With The House of Blond

Article from to vogue or bust

You guys may have already noticed my new hairstyle (bye-bye ombré!) in recent pics or from this share to Instagram – I did away with the ratty blonde ends that were literally dragging my face down and updated it with the expert help of the lovely Sarah from The House of Blond here in Vancouver. The result? A warm chestnut brown with lighter face-framing highlights infused with red undertones, much like my natural hair colour turns during the summer! Not only did Sarah totally give my hair the makeover it desperately needed, but she was also such a wealth of hair care and style maintenance information, something which not all hair stylists always deliver. So without further ado, click through to discover the 5 must-know styling tips she laid down on me during our session!

1. First things first, let’s start with a universal styling tip for all hair types. You know that “rough dry” we’re all told to do before going in with a brush while blowdrying? Well really, this would better be described as the “foundation dry,” because without doing it properly, your whole style will rest on an unsteady foundation. So many of us hurry though this part as if it’s just a prelude to our actual blow out when this is really the part that should be given the most attention and strategy. For the sake of your hair’s health, you should do as much drying as possible sans brush as the elasticity of your hair is greater when it’s wet, leading to more breakage if you start using a brush too soon in the drying process.

This is also the time to really eliminate any natural cowlicks, unnatural parts, etc by focusing on the roots (starting first at the crown then moving outwards) and making sure you dry both in line with and against your hair’s natural fall – you should be flipping the hair around your crown back and forth and lifting from the roots, focusing on the roots of your remaining hair afterwards and finally, blowing down towards your tips to smooth out the shaft for the length of the rest of your hair.

2. For fine hair in particular, you need product to protect it from the heat – something which I never used to do before visiting Sarah. Fine hair has the double conundrum of being both more prone to breakage and easily weighed down by product, so many of us fine haired folk (myself included until recently) would forego product and pick the lesser of two evils by going into heat styling sans-protection. This is a silly strategy though because there’s a way to get the best of both worlds (treatment + lightness) since there are so many great products out there that will actually boost volume, add texture and protect your hair without weighing it down – Sarah swears by Kevin Murphy!

3. And this leads into my next point re: heat – so many of us just turn on our heat tools and stick to the default temperature setting, but for fine hair, you need to bring it down – you can hold the style you’re using the tool for for a bit longer (Sarah recommended 15 seconds) but you’ve got to be heat aware and bring it down to max 300 degrees celsius for fine haired ladies.

4. Now for curling – I thought I had my wavy/curly styles figured out and would just go in and curl everything away from my face, but as I soon discovered with Sarah, there’s so much more strategy at hand to really emphasize both body and length! General rule of thumb for most wavy/curly hair styles is to curl out from the face for those two framing pieces on either side of your face – this highlights the curl/wave and opens up your face. But then for the longer pieces directly behind the face-framing layers, curl inwards – this will accentuate the length!

You can also ease up on how much length of the hair you curl as you make your way backwards (Sarah just did a couple loops around a wand for my back pieces) but gather your hair at the very back of your crown into one piece to finish off so that you don’t have an unnatural centre break in the back of your head. So generally speaking, anywhere you want to emphasize the curl (usually face-framing pieces and shorter layers), curl away from the face, while longer pieces look great curled inwards to give the illusion of more length.

5. Now this is especially important for those of us with fine hair: when you’re done with your waves/curls and have let your hair curl down, use a thickening hairspray (other hair types can use whichever works best for them!) by spraying underneath curls (spraying on top will weigh hair down) then break up curls with a wide-toothed comb rather than a brush or your fingers. A brush will diffuse the curls too much while fingers have natural oil in them, which could weigh down your tresses! You want something clean of any residue or oil to really just gently break up your heat-treated style.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how much info Sarah gave me, all targeted to my unique head of hair and my personal concerns/desires! I was so impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and (of course) the final product! If you’re in the Vancouver area, book your appointment with Sarah now (she’ll generally have you in for a one on one consultation so that you can both get clear on what you want and your hair history) – she is in demand so you’ll want to get your appointment requests in as soon as possible!

And finally, just wanted to say a big thank you again to Sarah for bringing me back to brown in a way that feels both true to me while elevating my natural style!

You're only as good as your tools

You're only as good as your tools

At The House of Blond we care about your hair. That's why we use Kevin Murphy products that are animal cruelty & sulphate free. Come try them out!

Mane Addicts

Mane Addicts

BLOGGERS WHOSE HAIR WE LOVE: Vanessa Hong, The Haute Pursuit

by Amanda Martinez

Take it from Vanessa Hong: What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold. 

The former model is immediately identifiable in any crowd thanks to her icy blonde locks colored by Sarah Braim, owner of The House Of Blond. Silver and sleek, this Beijing native is seriously chic whether she’s posing for an editorial or cruising the streets of NYC.

Hong has long sported her signature blonde bob, but it’s her knack for coordinating her cool ‘do with her wardrobe that has us taking notice.

Inspired by neutrals, Hong’s style sticks to black, white and grey. She keeps it simple and chic, avoiding anything loud or over the top. It’s relaxed but sharp–a mirror to her fierce chop.

While most days she styles it smooth and sleek, Hong isn’t afraid to let down her hair a bit and introduce a simple wave.

Take one look at her blog, The Haute Pursuit or instagram, and you’ll agree–the girl is white hot.

Hola Dominican Republic

Hola Dominican Republic

The House's Official Launch

The House's Official Launch

5 steps to Messy Undone Curls

5 steps to Messy Undone Curls

Article from Tobruck Ave.

This is the start to a 3 post hair series I shot with my stylist Sarah at The House of Blond. Hair is a never ending story for all girls, it is either to straight to curly or to frizzy and we always want what we dont have. I actually have really curly and frizzy hair to begin with. It is neither here nor there so I have to always have a hair routine to make it look anything like I like it to. There are so many hair tutorials on getting messy curls but they always start with a base that is straight hair. So I thought I would share some steps on how to go from frizzy curly to that perfect messy beachy hair. Cause even that needs work. We don’t wake up like that.

1. Comb through your wet hair with some hydrating smoothing product in it.
I like to use Kevin Murphy, Smooth Again. It is hydrating, but not to oily or heavy and really brings out the shine. For us, curly haired frizzy girls, we need something that will also protect our tresses from drying out. Especially cause we use a lot of heat styling tools to give it the perfect look. This product gives it shine and smooths the frizz all together.

2. Blow dry from top to bottom, never from the bottom up.
A tip from the stylist, blow dry with your blow dryer facing down. It minimizes the volume you already have, I definitely already have, which is why I do anything to fight against it. Dry with the blow dryer always facing down, it keeps the hair from gaining that voluminous momentum, and helps stop the little break aways from facing out instead of down.

 3. Use the curling wand to curl always away from your face.
The trick to the messy curls is not just curling them, but also how long you let them sit before messing them up. So start around your face and work your way back to the crown. Always curl away from your face and possibly mix it up on the side or back once or twice to make the messiness more believable. I love my curling wand, it is the 25mm curling wand by Aria Beauty. Leave the bottom inch out of the curling wand, again it adds to the messy effect. Let the curls sit tight for a second.

4. Add some hair spray to each curl while they are still tight
For this messy undone look, building on the texture makes all the difference. So while the curls are tight, grab each one at the bottom and spray a little hair spray on them from the bottom up. I love this Kevin Murphy hair spray, it is not sticky or heavy it just does what it needs to, make it look like you just woke up like this.

5. Now use a texture comb to break up those perfect curls
The comb through is important, like a science. Use a comb with wide and big “teeth”, this is what keeps your curls loose and also keeps the frizz down and the fly aways tame. Only comb through the bottom half of your hair. No need for to much of it you still want to keep the curls. Now, build on it as much as you want. Go back to step 3 and repeat as needed, then use your fingers to work through the curls the way you want them to be. Voila!

Now just add some oil.
When your waves are looking perfectly beachy and ready to go, add some treatment oil to make sure there will be no frizz and add that extra bit of shine. Don’t take the oil to far up usually just the bottom tips do the trick. I love the Kevin Murphy, Young Again.

Enjoy your undone beachy waves! Ps: Day two is even better so don’t even wash your hair.
Welcome to my hair routine! After trying so many different techniques, tricks and products, this routine has turned out to be the perfect combination that I now follow and complete in 30min. Day two and even three just gets better and better. The Kevin Murphy line also has the perfect dry shampoo, yep its perfect to extend your perfect do another day while still looking amazing.  Stay tuned, for an expert tip on how to keep the curls messy, without even using heat styling again. Thanks to Sarah at The House of blond for all the tips and tricks that make my hair what it is now and Viranlly for the photos.

Summer Time

Summer Time

Surfs up SanDiego. Enjoying the beach in California to launch our summer hair double series! Beach Wave with sea salt have become a classic hair style for summer.

Braids are a great technique for a combination of setting hair and finishing looks. Sarah blended a combination of techniques to create these looks, Rope braiding, Cat tailBack Brushing, Fish tail braiding and a few insideout braids and a reverse waterfall braid.  We Love our Kevin Murphy Styling products and tools to Help support the hair we wanted to create.  Body builder, Anti Gravity Spray, Session spray, Rough rider, KM wide tooth comb, KM Boar Bristle brush, Setting clips anda sewing kit!


Photos by : Tyler Johnson

A Fashion Love Affair

A Fashion Love Affair

Article from Cara Jourdan

I absolutely love having long hair, but using heating tools, traveling and swimming in the ocean & pools, it truly takes it's toll. I also colour my hair, so it is super important to me to take care of my locks with regular masking, but most importantly, to visit a stylist that truly understands the importance of hair health.

I was so excited to meet Sarah Braim, owner of The House of Blond (who also did my hair for this shoot)she has taught me so much about how to truly care for my hair, and is the Queen when it comes to colouring! She changed my world and because I do get so many questions from my readers about where I get my hair done, I wanted to highlight Sarah and share my experience at The House of Blond with you.

I am all about keeping my look as natural as possible, and Sarah definitely understands that. She keeps my blonde highlights looking healthy and not fried (which has happened to me, I have had crazy split ends and frizzing from dying my hair before, and this is not normal! If this is happening to you, definitely change stylists) and always does a deep conditioning and gloss on my hair every time I visit her for highlights, putting back some of the nutrients it needs after the dying process.

My hair has come so far from when I began working with Sarah, and I can keep it long and continue to use heating tools and dying my hair because she makes sure not to overdue the processing. It has that perfect sun-kissed look without the damage that so often comes along with dying.

Sarah is also so amazing at styling...I feel like a movie star whenever I leave her salon, she creates the perfect soft, beachy waves with the XO Styling Iron (she is also killer with braiding and up-do's, definitely worth a visit if you have a special event coming up) and spending time in her beautiful salon is such a treat, it has a huge window wall that lets in beautiful, natural light (which is great to be able to see your colour right away too)and she spoils her clients with delicious latte's and often time little is the best!