Article from Cara Jourdan

I absolutely love having long hair, but using heating tools, traveling and swimming in the ocean & pools, it truly takes it's toll. I also colour my hair, so it is super important to me to take care of my locks with regular masking, but most importantly, to visit a stylist that truly understands the importance of hair health.

I was so excited to meet Sarah Braim, owner of The House of Blond (who also did my hair for this shoot)she has taught me so much about how to truly care for my hair, and is the Queen when it comes to colouring! She changed my world and because I do get so many questions from my readers about where I get my hair done, I wanted to highlight Sarah and share my experience at The House of Blond with you.

I am all about keeping my look as natural as possible, and Sarah definitely understands that. She keeps my blonde highlights looking healthy and not fried (which has happened to me, I have had crazy split ends and frizzing from dying my hair before, and this is not normal! If this is happening to you, definitely change stylists) and always does a deep conditioning and gloss on my hair every time I visit her for highlights, putting back some of the nutrients it needs after the dying process.

My hair has come so far from when I began working with Sarah, and I can keep it long and continue to use heating tools and dying my hair because she makes sure not to overdue the processing. It has that perfect sun-kissed look without the damage that so often comes along with dying.

Sarah is also so amazing at styling...I feel like a movie star whenever I leave her salon, she creates the perfect soft, beachy waves with the XO Styling Iron (she is also killer with braiding and up-do's, definitely worth a visit if you have a special event coming up) and spending time in her beautiful salon is such a treat, it has a huge window wall that lets in beautiful, natural light (which is great to be able to see your colour right away too)and she spoils her clients with delicious latte's and often time little is the best!