Sarah Braim

Master stylist Sarah Braim, comes with extensive training from Toni and Guy, Bumble & Bumble and Loreal Professional.
Sarah was the Education Coordinator at the Rain Academy & Essensuals London Salon in Vancouver where she leads dynamic classes and workshops for further stylist training. With 19 years of industry experience including styling at London Fashion Week, and is the Hair and Makeup artist for NBC New York & LA session stylist.
Sarah specializes in an amalgamation of colour and cutting techniques, as well as wedding and creative styling. Sarah is an excellent problem solver and can tackle the most challenging hair challenges –colour corrections, mending chronically parched locks, and finding the right shade of blond for her clients. Sarah 19 years devoted in hair majors in Colour Corrective work as most of her clients see her for her extensive experience and knowledge in the colour department.  Sarah's passion for educating her clients is what many clients are drawn to. She has a love for building hair care plans and realistic healthy hair goals!  When not in the salon, Sarah is found traveling the world and enjoying the great outdoors with her trusty side-kick Meela.

Price List

Beach Babe Colour (Sarah)
Global Blonde (lightening)
Full Highlights
Partial Highlights
Colour Balancing+ Gloss
recommended between full colour services
Colour Correction
Syle Session
Tape + Clip Extension


$150/hr Consultation required
$400+ Consultation Required

Amiee Cox

Hair has been my obsession , my passion and my outlet.
I started hairstyling in 2005.
2008 I took home my first Contessa Award.
2009 I was a finalist for the Contessa Awards & a finalist for the Joico Color Awards.
2010 I organized a salon cut a thon with proceeds to the food bank.
2011 we had a second successful year with the cut-a-thon.
2012 I was semi finalist for the Wella Trend Vision Awards.
2013 I was a semi finalist for the Contessa Awards

2014 I was a finalist in salon team category for the Contessa Awards.
When I worked for Joico I worked with Damien Carney and Sue Pemberton. For over two years Chad Taylor and Tania Becker opened my eyes locally. From there I met Kelly Schedewitz; she has been a mentor for me ever since and Michael Levine has allowed me to grow!

Price List

starting at $130
starting at $180
starting at $90
starting at $90
starting at $600

Women's haircut
Men's haircut
Colour (roots)
Down style



Meela is a rescue dog and a registered support animal. She has a heart of gold and the sweetest eyes, she's here to make your experience at the salon a memorable one. Meela is usually in the salon too welcome you, give you cuddles and just bring happiness to our staff and clients day to day life!  She Joined our team in early 2017 from the Dominican Republic.  


A full consultation is complimentary with every service and prior to any service.

**Required prior to any major colour correction &  all new colour clients.**


The Salon uses an online booking system to allow clients to cross check their own calendars with our stylist to speed up the process of booking over the phone! If you are unsure of your appointment type please send up an email so we can wither help you select the right service or to book a consultation to make sure you are in for the right amount of time. All appointments cancelled within 48 hours of allotted service time or no-shows within 48hours will be billed in full at a rate of reserved services. If rescheduled before 48 hours, this will be credited to your next appointment. All cut & colour clients please have no more than one day unwashed hair and brushed out for your appointments unless otherwise advised.